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Pet Spotlight

Duncan Duncan

Duncan is a 9-year-old Golden Retriever who first came to see Dr. Moger in December of 2016. His visit was a follow-up from the ER for accidentally ingesting rat poison, but his owner had noticed some lumps in Duncan's neck a few weeks prior to his appointment. Although the rat poison issue was resolved and he was acting normal, we diagnosed a new and much worse problem; Duncan had lymphoma, a widespread cancer of the lymphatic system. After some initial diagnostics were run to confirm the diagnosis and type of lymphoma, Duncan was started on a regimen of 4 different chemotherapy drugs that quickly pushed the cancer into remission. Duncan felt great and experienced no adverse side effects throughout the 4 month regimen. At the end of chemotherapy, Duncan was still in full clinical remission, and owners Mary and Barry elected to start Duncan on a new experimental vaccine treatment that has shown early promise for potentially curing his body of cancer. The Vaccine is designed to allow his normally functioning immune cells to recognize the cancer cells and selectively destroy them without harming any other cells in his body (as chemotherapy drugs typically do). Without this vaccine or any additional treatment, we would expect Duncan's cancer to return in 9-12 months. So far Duncan continues to feel well and act like a healthy, happy Golden Retriever. We have great hopes that, if the vaccine works, we will continue to see Duncan's sweet face for years to come. This could potentially be a major breakthrough in managing and possibly curing a historically fatal disease. Innovative cancer treatments in dogs and people are continuously being researched and developed. We are so fortunate to be able to offer new hopeful options for long term management for many of our cancer patients.